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Our private company (actually a partnership) consists of a small group of  native Chinese and English speaking translators based in Australia. As we concentrate on Chinese to English translation our overheads are very reasonable. We can pass on those savings to you without losing quality. Free quotes are returned overnight so you can quickly and easily know your costs.

As our privacy statement clearly says all our translations are confidential and we don't use any material we translate for clients to promote ourselves, nor mention names as references, here or elsewhere. We however are proud to have worked for the
Beijing Olympic Committee or NBC (sole rights for the North American broadcasts) as translators or interpreters exclusively for many months over the Beijing 2008 Olympics. 

Given the above, our limited but quality translations can be best used for documents, brochures, certificates and medium sized Chinese to English translations. We limit our work and won’t consider translating full length books, film scripts or web pages. Furthermore, being small, we have no one in our service qualified to translate complex legal, medical, pharmaceutical or chemical documents. Simple documents are of course no problem.



We only do manual translating. There are no machines that can approach the quality of human translation simply because the inflections of different languages are so subtle and ever changing. A sentence is a complete unit, not words strung together. Usually words in different languages are used in a different order not to mention how a similar idea is expressed. These errors are clearly visible to any native speaker of the target language and a document quickly becomes valueless as obviously it seems the writer doesn't really know their subject. Please don't send us machine translations to correct.



Doing Chinese to English translation full time we have limited resources for web page construction. Our work as translators has preference so we apologize for these simple
pages. Although our site is quite long, many of the fixed translation pages are for translation interest only. 

Find one of our in house translators:                 
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                    Historical translator                     Engineering translator
                    Physics translator                       Travel Guide translator
                    Scientific translator                     Mechanical translator


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