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Sending your Chinese script document to us for a translation to English
As Chinese script is very different from English, our suggestions for uploading your planned translation are listed below. We can receive any type of document format but here we describe the simplest ways.

1. Just upload a document to an email using Microsoft Word on your computer.

    If there is a script problem download Chinese script on:



2. Use a PDF file from Adobe Acrobat Reader that already supports Chinese 




3. Scan your document for translation and attach it to an email.



4. Take a picture of your document on a camera or cell phone. Upload this on

    your computer using the Microsoft Pictures program and email it to us for




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For a Chinese to English translation see translation quote and prices and how to send documents. Also more about us, travel translation, manual translation, scientific translation and keywords translation. Our proofreader subdomain or translation links have many outside links. Interest translation pages are Chinese language history, English speaking cities and Chinese geography.