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FAQs for online Chinese English translation

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We list translation questions here as they come up.
How much do you charge for a translation?
Maximum 10 US cents, 0.08 Euros, 0.06 English pounds,
0.12 Australian dollars, 0.11 Canadian dollars per the
English translation word count negotiable, unless the
translation is very short.

What does Negotiable mean?
Every translation is different and we deal with each personally.
Depends on length, deadlines, format and difficulty.

How long does a translation take?
We can process a quote overnight accepting about
2000 English translation words of new jobs a day. 

How do I pay for a translation?
1. We accept PayPal payments.
2. Credit/debit card online with PayPal.
3. By arrangement to our bank account.

When do I pay for a translation job?
We send out the bill with the translation to be paid in 30 days except for long translations where partial payment is expected. To now most clients have been happy with their translation and we have had few bad debts, so we continue.

How do I figure out Chinese script for translation?
Each Character of Chinese represents half or one word. Verbs are 1 and nouns usually 2 for example. That is why we quote for English as it is easier. The approximate answer is 1.5 Chinese characters translation equals 1 English word.


Do you Classical Chinese translation?


We work in the simplified Chinese script of Mainland China

We don't do translation for Taiwan or Singapore.


Can you do Cantonese translation?


Yes as we are based in South China.

You could profit from these ambiguities?
There is no point as it doesn't make business sense and we want to get paid on our successful translation work only.

Will I have any problems?
No. We organise every translation by email with no obligation.

Of course we do English to Chinese translations

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Certificate translation                     Manuscript translation  

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