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We have a maximum of overnight turnaround time with Chinese to English translation quotes. The following morning you will have a fully detailed price from us to translate your document and hence can get your translation in the shortest possible time.
You can submit a whole document which suits us best, or if you prefer, 'an average paragraph' for us to look at and give us the total word count in Chinese characters of what we have to translate. Automatic word counts are available on the uploaded document tool bar, for example. We will even return your sample translated if the full translation is over a thousand English words!

When you contact us we personally reply. All our translations are proofread by a native speaker independent of the translator so that the translation reads perfectly. Remember our prices are very reasonable as we are a small team with a good base location. However translations are often formatted differently, use varied complexities of language and are of different lengths, hence we like to take the time to send you an emailed quote for both your and our benefit.


Quotes to translate Chinese to English. Quotes to translate Chinese to English. Quotes to translate Chinese to English. Quotes to translate Chinese to English. Quotes to translate Chinese to English. Quotes to translate Chinese 

                      How to send a picture of Chinese script to translate.
If a picture won't upload easily often its pixel number is too large. Edit it by putting your cursor on the picture on your screen and right click the mouse. In the window that appears, choose Edit. The picture will be set up in drawing condition now. On the top tool bar click Image then choose Size from the cascading window. Reduce the size by writing your percentage to suit in both Horizontal and Vertical. Save the reduced image to Desktop and attach it to an email to us making sure it is still readable.


Quotes to translate Chinese to English. Quotes to translate Chinese to English. Quotes to translate Chinese to English. Quotes to translate Chinese to English. Quotes to translate Chinese to English. Quotes to translate Chinese




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