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Online Chinese English Document Translation Services

Some sites useful in Chinese to English translation

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We often find our Chinese English translation is from the following sources. Documents from government departments both from China and the English speaking world with a brief table of our translation tool sites. For a full list of translation resources see our resources subdomain 
or to get a Chinese to English translation quote.

English Language Sites. Official British webpage for UK passports, adoption and visas to the UK. Online site of Australia for business services, visas and immigration to Australia. Online website of Canada for visas including work and adoption. US Dept of State for both Americans and foreigners on immigration and visas.  Official site of the US government's policies on intercountry adoption. Online webpage for employers, business migration and visas in general to New Zealand.



Chinese English Language Sites. Official website of PRC/China providing up to date information on business, marriage and adoption requirements for foreigners. Chinese site with searchable texts for government positions and information about history, politics, economics and culture. Ministry of Foreign Affairs site for location and news on Chinese embassies and missions overseas.

For Other Language Translation Companies.
English French Translations - English French Translator - Fast English French translations. English French translator does high quality French translations and English translations. Travel and foreign language translation. Manual translation services. Translation of 100 languages and all types of documents. Website translation and localization.

Travel and Tourism.  Travel China Guide is an general tour operator in China with lots of background information.  For tailor made tours to China and beyond.

Translation Tools.  SDL Trados is a leading computer assisted translation software suite, covering many interfaces with inbuilt and automatic memory to help translators.  Online Chinese English, English Chinese translation dictionary.  Online multilingual dictionaries and scientific glossaries freely available on the Internet useful for translation etc.  Australian government help for understanding different document formats.  Most widely used Chinese language search tool.  For classical to simplified Chinese script translation.






Immigration, adoption translation at Mandarin Chinese English translation. Immigration, adoption translation at Mandarin Chinese English translation. Immigration, adoption translation at Mandarin Chinese English translation. Immigration, adoption