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Technical Manual Translations of User Manuals

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The saying goes; “when all else fails read the manual”. The same can be said for; “when all else fails professionally translate the manual”. We are here to do just that; manual Mandarin Chinese to English translations of manuals.


China is the largest producer of machines and appliances in the world. They export an endless array of mid-sized technical goods and more, from fridges to welders and even electric bikes. Their production lines have evolved so much that they incorporate their own innovations these days.


In the past most of these machines were of basic standard with a badly translated manual. However today’s exports of televisions and mobile phones, for example, are not only quality products of local brands like Lenovo and Haier, but many of the international brand names also. Nothing can detract from something more than a badly translated or hard to understand instruction manual.

We are lucky to have in our translation staff people who have a lot of first hand experience in the industrial and construction scene. Our senior staff, beside being translators, have degrees in physics and engineering. More so, they have the experience of working for years in technical fields and have valuable first hand experience with most mechanical equipment, from welders to high pressure or submersion pumps. We are even using Chinese made computers right now.


In the Mandarin Chinese to English translation arena we have covered such things as 'how to use' instruction manuals for microwave ovens and blenders. We often do operator manuals for power tools, hammer drills, lathes etc. On the machinery front, service and maintenance manuals are needed for anything from air compressors to bobcats.


When a user has to refer to a manual, there is nothing more frustrating than one that doesn’t make clear sense or isn’t logical to follow. Given our experience we manage to translate instruction manuals so that each stage is listed chronologically and separately. We add explanations to demonstrate ambiguities in the original Mandarin Chinese manual version or the part that has been lost in translation, so to speak.


So look no further than us for a precise Mandarin Chinese to English manual translation for machines, power tools and home appliances. We will do an excellent job on any technical, user or service manual for all machines. And remember it would be unlikely that none of our staff are familiar with the apparatus.

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Manual Chinese to English translation of manuals. Manual Chinese to English translation of manuals. Manual Chinese to English translation of manuals. Manual Chinese to English translation of manuals. Manual Chinese to English translation of manuals. Manual Chinese to English translation of manuals. Manual Chinese