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Privacy clause for online document translation

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               Our Translations are Absolutely Private and Confidential.


We respect all material submitted to us for translation whatever the content. We
don't even use translation examples on this website of any jobs we have done,
nor send similar material as promotion. Neither do we request client letters of recommendation or mention names of previous clients anywhere whatsoever.
However we are happy to do a free translation sample for you. Finally we don't
freelance on the side as interpreters or sub contract jobs.

All links on this site are considered helpful in the Chinese English translation field. However we have no responsibility or control over material in any website other
than ours. Further, other sites link to us as they choose.
Certified document translation is a temperamental issue. Who is certifying whose translations depends on countries, governments and even company policies. You 
usually pay a premium for these services. Better to give a quality translation to
those certified to certify it. They will. 

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Certified documents for Chinese English translation. Certified documents for Chinese English translation. Certified documents for Chinese English translation. Certified documents for Chinese English translation