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Mechanical and civil engineering translation

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For an accurate technical or scientific translation it is imperative the translator has the language skills and scientific qualifications, as well as, ideally, experience in the particular technical area. Luckily we have just that, semi-retired Western engineers, both mechanical and civil, with more than 20 years of work experience.


Living in China and doing Chinese to English translation is a great option, having both the feel of China while simultaneously a vast knowledge of Western technology and knowhow, lending to as accurate translating as possible. Norms and materials everywhere are somewhat varied and equating them into a logical translation can only be successfully achieved by a translator familiar with the subject of the translation and its technical terms.


Being an engineer and having run a Western construction company covers a wide scope of technical experience from masonry and steel reinforcing through to plumbing and painting. A lot of modern building involves machines, from the vehicles that transport materials to compactors and even cranes. It is the job of the boss (engineer) to see everything runs smoothly. Tradesmen do the work, but a good engineer knows the technical side of the job, putting the right staff and materials in the right place at the right time. Hence in time the engineer learns the ins and outs of most trades, often having to lend a hand in getting a machine in place and started.

Machines break down and need service. Parts have to be ordered or made. A mechanic

strips down a machine but it's the engineer who orders what parts are needed, cogs, seals and lubricants. Hands on, often it is the engineer who takes these parts to find and compare for a replacement.


Trucks and other company vehicles need to be maintained also. The engineer, by keeping an eye on things, acquires more technical knowledge and experience and when successful, money also. In turn he often spends his money on technical things, from vintage car collections to yachts or power boats. All these machines need restoration or at least maintenance, resulting in more scientific type experience. Terms such as grommets and circlips are commonplace.


Imagine a Chinese to English translator who knows nothing of these technical terms or what the parts even look like, let alone what they are made of. Might just as well get a machine translation. At least most of the technical words translated would be accurate, although it won’t read very smoothly, and will still need a pretty experienced proofreader.


So send your Chinese to English technical translation documents to us in the first place for a quality manual translation. Only then, after determining its complexity and knowing we are sufficiently familiar, would we be able to give you an accurate quote. Normally we should be able to cover most areas of mechanical engineering and civil engineering, especially in the fields of machines and spare parts. So send your technical documents now for an overnight Chinese to English translation quote by clicking on the links below.

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