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     In our computer age machine results count. To become a business success a

webpage has to come up early in a search. The keywords a searcher on the web

types in are almost directly correlated with same word density on the webpages

that come up first, compared to billions that exist. In a few milliseconds the results

are there. If yours is not…


    We do English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation so the following words are a must. 'English Chinese translation' or 'Chinese English translation' with word order counting too. Alternatives are few but maybe some people would not think translation, rather 'translator, translator, translator'. Because people are writing in English (or Chinese) this could be assumed also, so they don’t include their own language leaving two effective keywords. Imagine the number of pages with Chinese translation or English translation, millions. The chance of coming up in the first few pages of this search is basically zero. No business again!


    Soon too, the searchers learn to put many keywords to refine their search as they can’t wade through millions of web pages either. So what goes with Chinese translation or English translation? A subject! Let's put one. History! Try typing in English Chinese translation history (Chinese English translation history) - still a million pages. A small part of history, say ancient; English Chinese translation ancient history or Chinese English translation ancient history. Initially we get somewhere but there are so few specifically ancient Chinese history Chinese to English translations needed.


    People requesting a translation expect a good one and often have no way of checking it. They tend to be more comfortable with the company just down the road. So they key in their location, Timbuktu or even more precisely, Main Street, Timbuktu. So now we have Chinese English translation… or English Chinese translation, ancient history, Main Street, Timbuktu. If you are there the job is yours. Little do they realize they still might not get the best quality of translation. Reminds me of my language teachers at school who are too timid to speak with me now, but that’s another issue.


    Back to keywords; professional translation, online translation, document translation, translation service, translation company. Everyone has this on their page but no one would type in such obvious words. Mandarin maybe, so what can we do with that? Well Mandarin is totally unknown in China, just as the Chinese term Putonghua meaning the same, is virtually unknown to English speakers. A translator's nightmare. So now we have Mandarin Chinese English translation ancient history or English Mandarin Chinese translation ancient history.


    Let us add more subjects, Mandarin Chinese English translation ancient and modern 

history. We are still not close to general history, our preferred subject, and are already thinning out our keywords. Worse, a favourite translation field of ours, travel guides, relating so closely to history, wouldn’t even be considered. Added to this we are professional in many other scientific, technical and educational areas and even translate a poem or two. Where to next? Spending our time writing specific subject webpages instead of doing our translation job.



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